Nima Enayati

NimaNima Enayati started his research career in 2008 by working on mechanical design and manufacturing of mobile rescue robots while studying mechanical engineering at the K.N. University of Technology, Tehran, Iran. He worked as the team leader and mechanical designer of Pars robotic group for three years, during which the team achieved three national awards and was selected among the ten finalists of Robocup competitions in Singapore, 2011. He continued his education by acquiring an M.Sc. degree in Automation and control from Politecnico di Milano, Italy, in 2013, with a thesis on sensor fusion through Unscented Kalman filtering for medical navigation.

Since November 2013, he has been working towards the Ph.D. degree in Neuro-engineering and Medical Robotics Laboratory (NearLab) at Politecnico di Milano, Italy. His current research interests include medical robotics, teleoperation and haptics, ranging from mission-critical implementations such as real-time setups to theoretical aspects such as shared control strategies and robot arm redundancy analysis.


Telephone: +39 02 2399 9503