Nima’s Ph.D.

PhD Candidate

Nima Enayati (Completed in May 2017)


Prof. Giancarlo Ferrigno, Elena De Momi


Shared-control bilateral tele-operation for surgical robotics application



The objective of this thesis is to develop a shared-control haptic interface for bilateral tele-operated surgical robotic systems that guarantees a maximum transparency and meets the requirements of surgical applications.
Development of such systems are based on reliable real-time implementations and robust kinematics methods such as timely handling of redundancies. The control design of these bilateral architectures includes control loops that ensure the proper display of the reaction force at the haptic interface side while tracking the commanded motion at the teleoperator side accurately. The presence of time-varying destabilizing factors such as hard contacts, relaxed user grasps, stiff control settings, and/or communication delays make the stability of these systems challenging and stabilizing controllers are needed to guarantee a stable behavior of the tele-operation system.
One of the most promising features of these systems is the possibility of overlaying pre- and intra-operative information over the operative workspace through different sensory modalities. Constraining the motion of the surgical tool is among the popular approaches that employ haptic capabilities of the operator to intuitively improve the outcome of the surgical procedure in terms of safety, accuracy and cognitive load. A novel approach is introduced in motion constraining that guides the surgeon in following desired trajectories during tele-operation, while causing less distraction compared to the state of the art methods. Finally, experimental validation is performed to evaluate various aspects of the system with appropriate setups and user populations.

PhD Period

XXIX cycle (November 2013 – November 2016)