NES has a major premise at Campus Leonardo via G. Colombo, 40 and a second one, NearLab@Lecco, at the Lecco Polimi Campus with two operational facilities at clinical partners sites: Villa Beretta and Istituto Medea.

Rehabilitation engineering and robotics

We aim at designing, validating and translating to clinics  technologies for personalized rehabilitation and for promoting independent living. •     All these technologies are brought to clinical trials so to promote evidence-based clinical studies in rehabilitation technologies and the design of protocols to quantitatively support the rating based on clinical scales.

This includes the following activities :

  • User-centered assistive devices, as personalized robotic exoskeletons, with special focus on upper limbs
  • Active neuroprostheses, including subject volitional contribution with FES, when possible and personalized control strategies
  • Immersive rehabilitation devices, including EMG-based biofeedback solutions
  • fMRI  and TMS studies are adopted to investigate brain functions associated to rehabilitation treatments, especially with FES.