Nearlab-NES testimonial of “IO PER LEI”, a Telethon-Foundation-UILDM campaign

Nearlab-NES is going to be testimonial of “IO PER LEI”,  a Telethon-Foundation-UILDM campaign. We are pleased to invite you to buy the delicious cookies in the main Italian squares to contribute to finance Telethon-Foundation-UILDM research! For more information check the following video from “Uno Mattina” (from min 00:54):

PEoPLe @ DEIB – Final presentation of DisSfida Project

The students of the Politecnico di Milano put themselves at the service onon-profit societies for social inclusion and disability.
As part of the PEoPLe @ DEIB initiative, three project ideas have been proposed by the ONLUS societies: UILDM (Italian Union for the fight against muscular dystrophy), DEBRA Italy (the Italian Association against Epidermolysis Bullosa) and FoRCardio (Foundation for research in Cardiac Surgery).
Our students gathered in teams and developed the projects independently, with the guide and following the advice of their tutors. After more than a month of work, teams presented the results of their projects in front of their colleagues, representatives of the proposing bodies and all those interested in the initiative.

BRIDGE project presented to Telethon foundation

On April, 3rd the Bridge project has been introduced to the president of Telethon foundation, Eng. Luca Cordero di Montezemolo, and the general manager, Dr. Francesca Pasinelli, at the Politecnico di Milano campus in Lecco. The event has occurred during the press conference concluding the Telethon fundraising in the area of Lecco, where the campaign has obtained the highest support in Italy.