DiSfida Project

DiSfida: PoliMi students at the service of no-profit and
disability for social inclusion

The innovative teaching course DISFIDA (link to course description) has now been activated and the three projects that will challenge the teams of students this year are published. Here you will find the link to the project description.

The invitation is to already form the teams, but if you are looking for colleagues, you can also use the DISFIDA’s beep site to write any requests and availability on the forum.

Registration must take place on the Passion in action.

It is a very nice opportunity to get to work and grow professionally on aspects that hardly emerge in classical frontal teaching.

Not for profit organizations, such as patient associations, foundations, voluntary associations will propose project cases. Here are some examples of the projects carried out in 2018:- Bed movement control system for people with severe disabilities – proposal by the Italian Union for the Muscular Dystrophy (UILDM);- Play-demonstration system on the theme of cardiac physiology, for school-age children – proposal of the Foundation for Research in Cardiac Surgery- IT application to support doctors in data collection for patients with Epidermolysis Bullosa proposed by Debra Italia ONLUS.
These are not scientific research projects, but application projects that could lead to a well-contextualized feasibility study or a mock-up or a prototype, depending on the topic.
Students will train themselves from the experience in the field (learning by doing) and will develop a user-centered design (patient-centered interactive design), in which they will concretely enhance the specific skills of their university education and develop soft skills (team working, Public speaking and presentation, timing and project management).
February 4: Announcement of projects.For each project the useful multidisciplinary skills (non-binding) will be suggested and the registrations will be opened.
February 4-February 27: Team preparation.Students form teams (max 5 people) and join a project. The first 3 self-formed teams for each project will be accepted. In the case of individual request of registration: the enrollment will be accepted on the basis of the availability and on the basis of the average and multidisciplinary composition required.
March 4: Initial event.The representatives of the associations will describe the projects and will discuss with the students to start the projects. Each team will be associated with a tutor (Ph.D. or post-doc).
March 4 – April 11: Project development.Teams will have six weeks of work with tutors, teachers and soft skills tutors (one appointment per week) [no ad hoc seminar will be taught].
11 April: Final public event.Public presentations by each team to representatives of associations, the industrial and political world and the University. For each project the winning team will receive a prize.
Main language will be Italian, international students’ participation is encouraged in teams with Italian colleagues to favor the interactions with patients and representatives of associations
from March 2019 to April 2019
Reference teacher group
Proff. Fiore, Signorini, Pedrocchi
 from March 2019 to April 2019