Marco Vidotto


Marco Vidotto obtained his bachelor degree in 2013 and his master degree in Biomedical Engineering in 2016 at Politecnico di Milano. During 5-months period in the state college, Pennsylvania, USA, at the Pennsylvania State University he has developed a thesis entitled “Development of an experimental setup for the evaluation of the Penn state 12 cc pneumatic ventricular assist device diaphragm and implementation of a fluid-structure interaction model”.

Since September 2016, he is pursuing the PhD degree in Bioengineering at Neuroenginnering and Medical Robotics Laboratory (NEARLab) of Politecnico di Milano, working on the EU project EDEN2020. His current research is focused on the development of a numerical model for predicting the concentration distribution of a therapeutic agent in brain cancer treated with the convection-enhanced drug delivery technique.

Telephone number: +393393946718

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