Matteo Sposito

Matteo Sposito received his M. Sc. Degree in Software and Automation Engineering at the Università Degli Studi di Perugia with a thesis titled “Development, Manufactoring and Performance analysis of TPFA artificial muscles for a 3D printed prosthesis hand”, in 2016.
He obtained a 1-year scholarship at his university Physics Department with INFN, focusing on electronics and firmware development and debugging for silicon microstrip sensors readout for CSES satellite project.
In 2017 he moved to Advanced Robotic Department (ADVR) in IIT with a 1-year scholarship for the project XoSoft, a soft exosuit to address the problem of autonomous mobility for frail elderly and low-mobility impaired patients.
From May 2018 he is pursuing a PhD in Bioengineering at Politecnico di Milano NEARLab, working at IIT in ADVR Exoskeleton research group. His research focuses on Physical Interfaces for industrial exoskeletons, studying transmission of assistive force from the robot to the limb and the correlation between subjective comfort metrics and an objective indexes.

CVMatteo Sposito


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