The recruitment for POLIMI@Cybathlon team is open.

Do you know that Politecnico di Milano participates in various international competitions (https://www.polimi.it/il-politecnico/competizioni-internazionali ) with teams of students? Among the different possibilities, there is also Cybathlon (https://cybathlon.ethz.ch/en), a unique competition in which people with disabilities deal with various everyday tasks with the latest generation of assistive technologies.

The team of Politecnico competes in the FES-bike discipline (Functional Electrical Stimulation Bike) in which a pilot with complete paraplegia pedals autonomously through the use of surface neuromuscular electrical stimulation. Find out more about our team here: https://cybathlon.ethz.ch/en/teams/polimireha-move .

The next Cybathlon will be in October 2024 but before this date there is a lot to do to optimize the prototype and train the pilots. Do you want to be part of team?

The recruitment for the team POLIMI@Cybathlon is open. We are looking for:

  • a student (preferably Biomedical Engineering, but not necessarily) to optimize FES control strategy and to train our pilots;
  • two students with computer skills for the development of a control application to improve the interaction of the pilot with the system. Required knowledge: Android Studio;
  • two students with a great passion for cycling to optimize the mechanical set-up and the biomechanics of pedalling. Welcome but not necessary knowledge: CAD.

When: between mid-April and the end of October.

Required commitment: approximately 80 hours – to be organized based on your time and that of the tutor. This activity will be recognized on the Diploma Supplement.

Possibility to participate to the Lyon Cyber Days, a FES-cycling conference/exhibition which should take place in September/October 2023. For more information contact Emilia Ambrosini (emilia.ambrosini@polimi.it) and Nicole Sanna (nicole.sanna@polimi.it).

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