Alessandra Trapani

Alessandra Maria Trapani

PhD Student





Alessandra Maria Trapani is a PhD Student at the Neuroengineering and Medical Robotics Laboratory (Nearlab) since November 2019. She obtained the Master’s Degree in Biomedical Engineering cum laude at the Politecnico di Milano in July 2019. Her collaboration with Nearlab started with her master thesis, “Transfer Entropy Analysis Of Deep Brain Recordings In Paediatric Dystonic Patients”, during which she was given the opportunity to follow the research activity of  the Sangerlab (a facility of University of South California) by analysing a unique dataset comprising neural signals from dystonic patients, implanted with DBS system at Children Hospital of Los Angeles. This thesis project, followed by a short period as a research fellow at the Nearlab, brought her to get passionate about scientific research, in particular about the study of brain connectivity.

Her research activity is developed in the framework of an HBP Project: Whole-brain Rodent Spiking Neural Networks (RisingNet). RisingNet aims at generating a multi-scale model of the rodent brain by integrating realistic models of its main microcircuits through a data-driven connectome and map it against high-resolution neuronal signals for cross-validation. She is focusing on developing the experimental setup for in-vivo acquisition and analysis of neuronal recordings in mice that in turn would be used to validate the models of cerebellar motor functions.