Linda Greta Dui

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Linda Greta Dui

PhD student





Linda Greta Dui got a MSc cum laude in Biomedical Engineering at Politecnico di Milano in 2016, with the thesis “Exergames to evaluate speed-accuracy trade off and handwriting characteristics: towards prevention and early identification of Dysgraphia”.
She got a Master degree cum laude in Analytics and Business Intelligence at Cefriel in 2018, with the thesis “DataReg – Machine Learning for Value-Based Healthcare”, based on the development of natural language processing techniques applied on electronic health records.In the same years, she worked as a Data Scientist in the healthcare field. She developed machine learning solutions for surgical outcome predictions, data quality and text mining.
She’s a Bioengineering PhD student at NearLab (NeuroEngineering And Medical Robotics Laboratory) since November 2018, supervised by professor Simona Ferrante, and she is focusing on Learning Disabilities.