Meet the Author


We would like to start  some informal “on-line meetings” with the corresponding author of specific papers of particular interest for us. The “Meet the author” event. We surely had the experience to read a published paper, trying to understand what has been done, and we still have a lot of questions when comparing others’ work to ours. This is where the “Meet the Author” idea comes from.  The author will first present the selected paper, and in the second part, there will be an open discussion.
We think that it can be a great opportunity to meet each other to discuss about our work, and to open our horizon.

First "Meet the Author" Event - July 2, 2020

Muhammad Ahsan Gull - A Review on Design of Upper Limb Exoskeletons
DOI: 10.3390/robotics9010016

Click here to fill the registration form and obtain the MS Teams link of the meeting.

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