Stefano Dalla Gasperina

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Stefano Dalla Gasperina

PhD student



Stefano Dalla Gasperina is PhD student in Biomedical Engineering at the NearLab working with control systems for upper limb personalized robotic exoskeletons. His main research focus regards Rehabilitation and Assistive Robotics with the aim of designing and developing user-centered assistive upper-limb exoskeletons and Human-Machine Interfaces for impaired people. He is now engaged in several projects concerning the development of upper-limb exoskeletons 
such as the RETRAINER project (H2020), BRIDGE Project (Cariplo), Empatia@Lecco Project (Cariplo) and AGREE Project (Regione Lombardia). He is also member of team AGADE that in late 2018 was winner of Switch2Product Innovation Challenge offered by Politecnico di Milano in collaboration with PoliHub the Innovation District & Startup Accelerator and Deloitte. He will participate to Cybathlon 2020 Competition as member of the Cybathlon@Polimi Team.

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