Breakfast with the experts

Breakfast with the Experts

For Biomedical Engineering graduate students attending Neuroengineering Class

This initiative aims at:

  • Introducing the students to current research hot topics in Neurosciences, and Clinical Neuroscience, related to the course syllabus;
  • Meeting top researchers and research clinicians in the field;
    Learning research methodology by applied examples;
  • Experiencing the interdisciplinarity of the topics and the possible contributions by prospect biomedical engineers.
  • Each lecture will last about 30 minutes so to let a time for interactions.

This is the link to join:

October 26th , 2021 Understanding the brain
8:30-9:15 prof. Egidio D’Angelo – Brain Modelling and Simulations – University of Pavia,
Member of Human Brain Project Board of Directors
9:30-10:15 Dr. Isabella Pozzi – How the brain can implement reward-based error backpropagation– Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience (TBC)
10:30-11:15 Prof. Megan Carey –Understanding the complex behaviors of the ‘simple’ cerebellar circuit – Champalimaud Center for Unknown

Nov 2nd , 2021 Neurotechnologies for patients
8:30-9:15 Dr. Ivana Olivieri with Eng. Laura Santos – Social and coaching robots for rehabilitation of children with Autistic Spectrum Disorder– Director of the Neuropsychiatric Unit of Fnd Don Gnocchi IRCCS ; double PhD POLIMI, Istituto Tecnico de Lisboa
9:30-10:15 Dr. Franco Molteni –Neuroprostheses and robotics in current clinical rehabilitation – Director of Villa Beretta Neurorehabilitation Center, Valduce Hospital
10:30-11:15 Prof. Alberto Mazzoni –Restoration of neural signals for implanted neuroprosthetics – Assistant professor at the Biorobotics Institute Sant’Anna School