Talk at the Neural Networks 2016 WSEAS conference

We are pleased to announce that Alessandra Pedrocchi has been invited speaker to the Neural Networks 2016 WSEAS conference in Rome on October 22nd . She has presented the research entitled: “EMG-controlled hand rehabilitation device for clinical and domestic use: intensive and repetitive training with patient active participation” coauthored by MARTA GANDOLLA, SIMONA FERRANTE who are with  the Nearlab, FRANCO MOLTENI, ELEONORA GUANZIROLI clinicians in Villa Beretta Neurological center Ospedale Valduce, CRISTINA PETITTI DI RORETO who is the physiatry of the Maria Immacolata RSA old people’s nursing home, CARLO SENECI, MICHELE COTTI COTTINI working with Idrogenet s.r.l.

The research has been founded by Lombardy Region and Fondazione Cariplo (projects: Think and Go and  BRIDGE).