The demography of the over 7 billion of people on the Earth is going to change dramatically in the near future. This rapidly changing society will increase the need for affordable and effective healthcare, delivered where needed and without the downside of collateral effects and intrusion into people’s lives. New technologies and scientific methods will help in screening, diagnosis, therapy and rehabilitation on one hand, and in assisting elderly and fragile people on the other.

Robots and artificial intelligence are promising answers to these needs, allowing for minimally invasive intervention, advanced diagnosis and therapy planning, rehabilitation and personalised assistance. In the most recent research, medical robots are controlled by artificial intelligence and bioinspired controllers, which, in turn, acts as the robot’s mind. They cooperate together with human professionals for the benefit of people.

Mission of the NearLab (since 2008) is to impact on health and well-being of citizens in the world changing society by smart medical and personal robots and personalized technologies.

On November, 11th 2019, Prof. Francesco Pinciroli will give a lectio magistralis entitled “E-Health & Professioni Sanitarie: verso quale futuro?”, during the opening of the new Academic Year for the
Workshop on Surgical Robotics:
“How robots and AI are creating new paradigms for robotic surgery”.
Saturday 11:00 AM 19th October, 2019.
Attached the program of the event.
La Cura, la Formazione, la Ricerca: l’eredità di Claudio Munari
Venerdì 4 ottobre si terrà a Milano presso l’Aula Magna dell’ospedale Niguarda il convegno La cura, la formazione, la ricerca: l’eredità
NearLab Students won GNB prizes for best Master thesis and Doctoral thesis
Congratulations to Eng. Laura Santos and Dr. Alice Geminiani who won prizes for best Master thesis and Doctoral thesis

“What’s in our brain?” Intervento della Prof.ssa Pedrocchi al Meeting di Rimini organizzato da Associazione Euresis e Fondazione Camplus
all’interno del programma “What’s in our brain? “ del meeting
XXXVIII Annual School of Bioengineering – ADVANCED BIOENGINEERING METHODS, TECHNOLOGIES AND TOOLS IN SURGERY AND THERAPY  will be held from 9 to 12 September in Bressanone, Italy.

For more information,
As the winner of the Casella Prize 2019, Prof. Idan Segev will give the lectio magistralis entitled “Brain in the computer: what did I learn from simulating the brain” at Collegio Borromeo – University
From Monday 24th June to Friday 28th June 2019  the Summer School on Surgical and Interventional Engineering will take place at King’s College London, UK.

The school will host invited speakers from
DISFIDA final event
POLIMI students at the service of non-profit and disability for social inclusion

Politecnico di Milano – Aula Rogers (Via Ampère, 2)
11 Aprile 2019
ore 16.00

COME UMANI. Il mondo dei robot.Intervento della Prof.ssa Pedrocchi a TV7
COME UMANI. Il mondo dei robot: c’è quello in grado di sostenere conversazioni con gli umani e quello che può operare in campo

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