NeuroEngineering Section (NES)

Medical Robotics Section (MRS)

The demography of the over 7 billion of people on the Earth is going to change dramatically in the near future. This rapidly changing society will increase the need for affordable and effective healthcare, delivered where needed and without the downside of collateral effects and intrusion into people’s lives. New technologies and scientific methods will help in screening, diagnosis, therapy and rehabilitation on one hand, and in assisting elderly and fragile people on the other.

Robots and artificial intelligence are promising answers to these needs, allowing for minimally invasive intervention, advanced diagnosis and therapy planning, rehabilitation and personalised assistance. In the most recent research, medical robots are controlled by artificial intelligence and bioinspired controllers, which, in turn, acts as the robot’s mind. They cooperate together with human professionals for the benefit of people.

Mission of the NearLab (since 2008) is to impact on health and well-being of citizens in the world changing society by smart medical and personal robots and personalized technologies.

HBP Partner institutions are hiring
We-Cobot group @ RehabWeek in Rotterdam
'EBRAINS Research Infrastructure Symposium: addressing grand challenges in brain research
Education for women's empowerment
Two PhD positions in Assistive BioRobotics @ UNIFI
Call for grant application
Kenote "Neuroprostheses and robotics in neurorehabilitation". Prof. Pedrocchi at Nature conference - Technologies for Neuroengineering
Master Rehab Tech - first laboratory weekend
Primo modulo di didattica laboratoriale in presenza del master universitario RehabTech

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