ICT4ALL Event 2017

ICT4ALL event was organised on Saturday, October 7th. It is for visitors of all ages interested in the world of Electrical Engineering, Automation, Bioengineering, Computing, Electronics and Telecommunications and their applications. There were talks and guided tours to discover the research laboratories work of the Politecnico di Milano.

Polimirun 2017

Also this year, Nearlab took part in the Polimirun!

University of Chicago Illinois graduation day

The gallery contains the images of University of Chicago Illinois graduation day where Prof. Giancarlo Ferrigno participated as a committee member,

Robotics day - 2013

Politecnico di Milano has the diverse range of labs who are working in robotics and NEARlab is one of them. Each year, we participate in European robotics week and demonstrates robotics application in medicine and surgery.


The first edition of Polimi Run , the 10km non-competitive was organized by the Politecnico di Milano, was dedicated to Fabio Cappello , the 29 year old runner died on 20 March, at the end of Stramilano. Friends, runner, students raced to remember Fabio: a young man, a great lover of racing and university student majoring, had entered the race with his brother Luca.

Proceeds from the event, the membership of over 2,500 runners, was donated to the funding of scholarships . The event was scheduled for Saturday, April 16, at 9:45 am , at the inner square Campus Bovisa La Masa, via Lambruschini: at the finish line, located at Giuriati Village, all participants was greeted by Giovanni Azzone, rector of the Politecnico di Milano, and Chiara Bisconti, Milan Councillor for sports.

For more information, visit the news.

Robocast project on Euronews

Robocast project on Euronews; Preparation and interview of Prof. Giancarlo Ferrigno

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