Past PhD thesis


Veronica Penza Study of computer vision algorithms to enhance the surgeon’s capabilities in robotic minimally invasive surgery Advisor: Elena De Momi; Leonardo Mattos

Nima Enayati Adaptive shared-control in surgical robotics Advisor: Giancarlo Ferrigno; Co-Advisor: Elena De Momi


Marta Valenti Statistical shape models based 2D/3D registration methods for knee orthopaedic surgery Advisor: Elena De Momi


Elisa Beretta – Advanced human-robot cooperation in neurosurgery – Advisor: Elena De Momi, 2015.


Mirko Daniele Comparetti – High level control of robot behavior in neurosurgery – Tutor: Giancarlo Ferrigno, 2014


Alberto Vaccarella – Multimodal sensors management in Computer and Robot Assisted Surgery – Tutor: Giancarlo Ferrigno; Co-tutor: Elena De Momi, 2013.


Danilo De Lorenzo – Force sensing and display in robotic driven needles for minimally invasive surgery – Supervisor: Elena De Momi; Tutor: Giancarlo Ferrigno, 2012.


Emiliano Gambaretto – Development and assessment of a markerless motion capture system for human motion analysis – Tutor: Giancarlo Ferrigno; Co-tutor: Elena De Momi, 2011.


Nicola Lopomo – Quantitative assessment of knee stability during surgery and evaluation of joint restored functionalities after the reconstruction – Tutor: Giancarlo Ferrigno; Co-tutor: Pietro Cerveri, Maurizio Marcacci, 2008.
Maria Luisa Mandelli – Advances in mr neuroimaging methods and techniques for clinical application in neurodegenerative diseases – Tutor: Giancarlo Ferrigno; Co-tutor: Pietro Cerveri, Maria Grazia Bruzzone, Marina Grisoli, 2008.


Elena De Momi –  Computer Aided Surgery, Planning and Simulation – Supervisor: Carlo Frigo, 2006

Iuri Frosio – Filters for image correction and enhancement in digital dental radiography – Tutor: Giancarlo Ferrigno; Co-tutor: N.A. Borghese, 2006.

Joseph Stancanello – Morphological and functional imaging in radiosurgery of cerebrospinal artero-venous malformations . Tutor: Giancarlo Ferrigno; Co-tutor: Pietro Cerveri, Carlo Cavedon, 2006.


Christian Forlani – Digital-radiology real-time methods based on XRII and CCD camera – Tutor: Giancarlo Ferrigno, 2001.


Camilla Rigotti – Ergonomic design of a working posture by means of a neural networks system – Tutor: Giancarlo Ferrigno, 2000.


Guido Baroni – New insight in human motor control through quantitative analysis of intra-vehicular activities in long-term space flight – Tutor: Giancarlo Ferrigno, 1999.


Giancarlo Ferrigno – Metodiche ed algoritmi per l’analisi del movimento, 1989.