Past PhD thesis


Zhen LiDeformation prediction and autonomous path planning for robot-assisted endovascular interventions Advisors: Elena De Momi, Jenny Dankelman

Marta Lagomarsino- Innovative models for cognitive load assessment and mitigation through personalised robot intervention Advisors Elena De Momi, Arash Ajoudani 

Jorge Francisco Lazo SanchezComputer Vision Aided Diagnosis and Guidance in Endoscopic Urology Advisors: Elena De Momi, Michel de Mathelin, Benoit Rosa

Sarah El HadjiNumericaland artificial intelligence methods for the analysis of cerebrovascular architecture and hemodynamics Advisors: Giuseppe Baselli, Elena De Momi

Fabio Fusaro- Dynamic task allocation for proactive human-robot collaboration Advisors: Elena De Momi, Arash Ajoudani

Alessandro CasellaSurgical Data Science for computer-aided surgery in fetescopy Advisors: Elena De Momi, Leonardo Mattos, Sara Moccia

Francesco TassiHierarchical Control for Optimal Human-Robot Collaboration Advisors: Elena De Momi, Arash Ajoudani

Emir MobediDesign and Development of a Compliant Elbow Effort-Compensation Device Advisors: Elena De Momi, Arash Ajoudani


Soheil GholamiA methodology for improving usability and ergonomics of teleoperation interfaces Advisor: Elena De Momi


Alice SegatoNovel path planning and autonomous control methods for needle steering systems in keyhole neurosurgery Advisor: Elena De Momi

Matteo SpositoErgonomics of occupational exoskeletons: evolving design and assessment methodologies of physical attachments Advisor: Elena De Momi; Jesus Ortiz

Andrea CimolatoBidirectional control in lower limb prosthesis Advisor: Elena De Momi; Leonardo De Mattos; Matteo Laffranchi


Marta LorenziniA framework for the evaluation and improvement of human ergonomics in human-robot collaboration Advisor: Elena De Momi

Maria LazzaroniControl strategies for a back-support exoskeleton to assist workers in manual material handling Advisor: Elena De Momi

Alberto FavaroOptimized curvilinear path planning and state prediction for a programmable bevel-tip needle in keyhole neurosurgery Advisor: Elena De Momi; Rodriguez Y Baena Ferdinando; Giancarlo Ferrigno

Marco VidottoA combined experimental and numerical approach towards a comprehensive drug delivery model​ Advisor: Elena De Momi; Daniele Dini


Hang SuAdaptive control of serial redundant robots for minimally invasive surgery Advisor: Giancarlo Ferrigno

Davide ScorzaDecision support system for StereoElectroEncephaloGraphy trajectory planning Advisor: Elena De Momi


Jacopo Buzzi Enhancing human robot interaction in teleoperated tasks Advisor: Giancarlo Ferrigno; Elena De Momi

Sara Moccia Supervised tissue classification in optical images: towards new applications of surgical data science Advisor: Elena De Momi; Leonardo Mattos

Hirenkumar Nakawala Novel approaches for context-awareness and workflow analysis in surgery Advisor: Elena De Momi


Veronica Penza Study of computer vision algorithms to enhance the surgeon’s capabilities in robotic minimally invasive surgery Advisor: Elena De Momi; Leonardo Mattos

Nima Enayati Adaptive shared-control in surgical robotics Advisor: Giancarlo Ferrigno; Co-Advisor: Elena De Momi


Marta Valenti

Statistical shape models based 2D/3D registration methods for knee orthopaedic surgery Advisor: Elena De Momi


Elisa Beretta

– Advanced human-robot cooperation in neurosurgery – Advisor: Elena De Momi, 2015.


Mirko Daniele Comparetti

– High level control of robot behavior in neurosurgery – Tutor: Giancarlo Ferrigno, 2014


Alberto Vaccarella

– Multimodal sensors management in Computer and Robot Assisted Surgery – Tutor: Giancarlo Ferrigno; Co-tutor: Elena De Momi, 2013.


Danilo De Lorenzo

– Force sensing and display in robotic driven needles for minimally invasive surgery – Supervisor: Elena De Momi; Tutor: Giancarlo Ferrigno, 2012.


Emiliano Gambaretto

– Development and assessment of a markerless motion capture system for human motion analysis – Tutor: Giancarlo Ferrigno; Co-tutor: Elena De Momi, 2011.


Nicola Lopomo

– Quantitative assessment of knee stability during surgery and evaluation of joint restored functionalities after the reconstruction – Tutor: Giancarlo Ferrigno; Co-tutor: Pietro Cerveri, Maurizio Marcacci, 2008.

Maria Luisa Mandelli

– Advances in mr neuroimaging methods and techniques for clinical application in neurodegenerative diseases – Tutor: Giancarlo Ferrigno; Co-tutor: Pietro Cerveri, Maria Grazia Bruzzone, Marina Grisoli, 2008.


Elena De Momi – 

 Computer Aided Surgery, Planning and Simulation – Supervisor: Carlo Frigo, 2006

Iuri Frosio

– Filters for image correction and enhancement in digital dental radiography – Tutor: Giancarlo Ferrigno; Co-tutor: N.A. Borghese, 2006.

Joseph Stancanello

– Morphological and functional imaging in radiosurgery of cerebrospinal artero-venous malformations . Tutor: Giancarlo Ferrigno; Co-tutor: Pietro Cerveri, Carlo Cavedon, 2006.


Christian Forlani

– Digital-radiology real-time methods based on XRII and CCD camera – Tutor: Giancarlo Ferrigno, 2001.


Camilla Rigotti

– Ergonomic design of a working posture by means of a neural networks system – Tutor: Giancarlo Ferrigno, 2000.


Guido Baroni

– New insight in human motor control through quantitative analysis of intra-vehicular activities in long-term space flight – Tutor: Giancarlo Ferrigno, 1999.


Giancarlo Ferrigno

– Metodiche ed algoritmi per l’analisi del movimento, 1989.