Past PhD thesis


2019 Alice Geminiani – Simulations of cerebellar networks towards understanding of pathologies, linking complex neuronal models to behavior – Supervisors: Alessandra Pedrocchi, Claudia Casellato 2018 Alberto Antonietti – Computational cerebellar models and their embodiment in behavioral loops to understand neural bases of motor learning – Supervisors: Alessandra Pedrocchi, Claudia Casellato 2017 Elisabetta PeriEvidence-based methodologies to assess the effectiveness of novel technologies for neurorehabilitation – Supervisors: Alessandra Pedrocchi, Simona Ferrante 2016 Noelia ChíaA personalized gait neuroprosthesis for stroke patients. Muscle synergies for motor relearning – Supervisors: Alessandra Pedrocchi, Simona Ferrante Francesca LunardiniFunctional assessment methods amd EMG-based interventions for children with dystonia – Supervisor: Alessandra Pedrocchi; Co-supervisors: Terence Sanger, Claudia Casellato 2015 Giulia RegaliaIn vitro electrophysiological studies of neuronal networks: a novel device for reliable, prolonged and high throughput Microelectrode Array experiments – Supervisor: Giancarlo Ferrigno; Co-Supervisor: Alessandra Pedrocchi 2013 Marta GandollaFunctional anatomy of sensorimotor integration in the human brain and perspectives in neurorehabilitation – Supervisor: Alessandra Pedrocchi 2012 Emilia BiffiDevelopment of innovative devices for reliable studies of in vitro models of Central Nervous System pathologies – Supervisor: Alessandra Pedrocchi 2011 Emilia Ambrosini – Cycling Induced by Electrical Stimulation: a sensorized cycle-ergometer to evaluate motor recovery and provide interventions for post-stroke lower limb rehabilitation – Supervisors: Alessandra Pedrocchi, Simona Ferrante Claudia Casellato – Investigations of Physiological and Pathological Sensory-motor Control: From Biomechanics to Brain Functional Imaging – Supervisors: Giancarlo Ferrigno, Alessandra Pedrocchi
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