Medical Robotics Section

Medical Robotic Section (MRSLab) is aimed at developing innovative methods and devices for clinical and surgical applications.

Main current research topics at MRSLab are:

1) Pre-operative planning

Automatic and intelligent planners for neurosurgical keyhole interventions (biopsy, DBS electrodes placements and stereo EEG), using straight electrodes or steerable needles (Alberto Favaro and Alice Segato). Advanced vessel visualization classification using machine learning approaches (Sara El Hadji). For information, please visit the website EDEN2020.
Advanced biomechanical models for precise drug delivery planning (Marco Vidotto).

2) Surgical robotics (training and interventions)

Novel interfaces for improved human robot interaction in surgical applications. Augmented reality (surfaces reconstruction and feature tracking) for increasing the surgical safety in robotic-based interventions using artificial intelligence tools (SMARTsurg).
Sensory overlay for improved surgical gestures and surgical training during tele-operation (in collaboration with SSSA).

3) Human robot interaction

Safe and improved collaboration between human and robot (Hang Su, Marta Lorenzini ) (IIT).
Light exoskeletons for improved ergonomics during industrial tasks (Maria Lazzaroni and Matteo Sposito ) (IIT).
EMG-controlled lower limb prosthesis (Andrea Cimolato) (IIT).

group1-nearlab-2016 Near Lab Medical Robotics Section Members
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