Alberto Rota, MSc

Biomedical Engineer

Research Areas: Surgical Robotics & Computer Vision, Surgical Workload Prediction

Leonardo Robotics Labs, Polimi Campus Leonardo, 20133, Milan, Italy

+02 2399 9013

Alberto received his MSc in Biomedical Engineering in December 2022 with a thesis on surgical robotics and haptic assistance strategies in surgical simulated training environments. He is pursuing a PhD in Bioengineering in collaboration with Asensus Surgical Inc. since 2023, where he works on digital solutions for enhanced surgical awareness

3D Reconstruction for Enhanced Surgical Awareness

Alberto works on the 3D reconstruction of surgical intraop environments from endoscopic images, exploiting Deep Learning for Computer Vision. A 3D reconstruction of the surgical space allows for increased awareness for the surgeon and the robot in the intraoperative phase, which ultimately benefits patient’s safety and procedure efficacy



Recent Advancements in Augmented Reality for Robotic Applications: A Survey

Junling Fu, Alberto Rota; Shufei Li; Jianzhuang Zhao; Qingsheng Liu; Elisa Iovene; Giancarlo Ferrigno; Elena De Momi 

on MDPI Actuators 2023

Implementation and Assessment of an Augmented Training Curriculum for Surgical Robotics

Rota, Alberto; Fan, Ke; De Momi, Elena

on the proceedings of IEEE ICRA 2024 [Publication Pending]

Performance-driven tasks with adaptive difficulty for enhanced surgical robotics training

Alberto Rota, Xianyi Federica Sun, Elena De Momi

on the proceedings of IEEE RAS BioRob 2024 [Publication Pending]

A three‐dimensional method for morphological analysis and flow velocity estimation in microvasculature on‐a‐chip

Rota, Alberto; Possenti, Luca; Offeddu, Giovanni S; Senesi, Martina; Stucchi, Adelaide; Venturelli, Irene; Rancati, Tiziana; Zunino, Paolo; Kamm, Roger D; Costantino, Maria Laura; 

on Bioengineering & Translational Medicine 2023

A Unity-based Da Vinci Robot Simulator for Surgical Training

Fan, Ke; Marzullo, Aldo; Pasini, Nicolò; Rota, Alberto; Pecorella, Matteo; Ferrigno, Giancarlo; De Momi, Elena; 

on the proceedings of IEEE BioRob, 2022

Augmented Reality and Shared Control Framework for Robot-Assisted Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy

Fu, Junling; Matteo, Pecorella; Palumbo, Maria Chiara; Iovene, Elisa; Rota, Alberto; Riggio, Domenico; Ilaria, Burzo; Redaelli, Alberto Cesare Luigi; Ferrigno, Giancarlo; De Momi, Elena; 

on the proceedings of IEEE ICRA Workshops, 2024

Improving Surgical Robotics Training with Haptic Virtual Fixtures: An Experimental Study

Rota, Alberto; Fan, Ke; De Momi, Elena; 

on the proceedings of the I-RIM Conference 2022

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